Marek Bero Publishes Bass Gym 101 Instructional Books

Bass Gym 101 Books

If you’re looking to work your bass muscles, you’re in luck. Marek Bero has just released a series of five instructional books called Bass Gym 101. Each book is made for all styles and is adaptable to five and six-string instruments, as well.

Bero made the series as an accessible way to build your skills. “We all know 10 000 hours theory and it seems like a mountain we wouldn’t ever be able to climb. Never-ending aspirations, expectations and tons of hard work,” he writes. “How to stay motivated? I’ve found an answer in kaizen, the Japanese technique for overcoming laziness. The idea behind it is very simple. Practice something for a single minute every day. Even the laziest person should find that one-minute task doable. It is one very small step towards greatness. The terrifying mountain is now an enjoyable stroll in the garden. And this principle is in the core of ‘Bass Gym 101’ series of books for aspiring bass players.”

The exercises in the books focus on developing finger strength and dexterity as well as independence. The books are broken into 101 Arpeggios for Melodic Bass Lines, 101 Jazz Scales for Rockers, 101 Pentatonic Licks for Killer Grooves, 101 Scales for Mastering the Fingerboard, and 101 Warm-Ups for Finger Independence.

The books are available now through Bassline Publishing for approximately $15.

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