Racer X Releases New Song to Support Juan Alderete’s Recovery

Juan Alderete

After a devastating bicycle accident in January, Juan Alderete was left in a coma, unable to take care of himself, let alone work. His wife Anne has posted some positive updates on his recovery, but he still needs our help.

His old Racer X bandmates Paul Gilbert, Jeff Martin, and Scott Travis have released a never-before-heard studio track from their Technical Difficulties sessions in 1999. “I Think I Love You,” which Gilbert filled out with bass, was made to encourage fans to continue supporting Alderete during his recovery.

Hear the track with Gilbert’s explanation, plus an update on Alderete’s condition from his wife, Anne, below. Please consider giving to Juan’s GoFundMe campaign.

“Juan continues to make amazing progress – he is now talking a lot, recognizes all of his family and friends, has regained movement in his left side (which wasn’t moving spontaneously at all up until one week ago), got his neck brace removed (he HATED it) and his trach removed so he’s starting to eat very soft food and drink water (and is asking about yakitori and sushi!)!” Anne wrote on Juan’s Instagram page. “His long term memory is really good; his short term memory is something that will require work and – most importantly – time. He can stand up with assistance and will start the road to walking again; he’s doing so well we are all just so hopeful he’ll be doing that sooner than later. I’m hoping he’ll get to a point in the next few weeks where he can post these updates himself, if he feels up to it. As always, the love and support you’ve all shared is VITAL to his recovery so thank you for being such a huge part of it as he continues on this journey.”

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