Fodera Announces 37th Anniversary Monarch Deluxe Model Basses

Fodera 37th Anniversary Monarch Deluxe Bass 4

Fodera is celebrating its 37th year in business with new anniversary models through its dealer network. The basses are a limited edition run of the company’s Monarch Deluxe model that will come in both four and five-string versions.

“They will all feature a solid Olive top, Mahogany body and Ash neck, Pau Ferro fingerboard, and a commemorative plaque,” the company explains. “This is an incredibly rare opportunity – the Olive we have acquired is large in both dimension and high in quality, which is highly unusual. These trees are typically not sourced for their lumber but preserved for farming. Finding a batch of Olive this spectacular is rare, and we are very excited to share it with you!”

Fodera 37th Anniversary Monarch Deluxe Bass 5

The basses are also fitted with an option of pickups matched to their Fodera/Pope Custom 3-band preamp. Fodera is selling the instruments for less than their normal pricing. “While a Custom Monarch 4 Deluxe with all of these options would normally carry a List Price of $9,900, our goal is to celebrate Fodera’s birthday with as wide an audience as possible, so we will be offering these instruments for their respective base prices – $7,750 and $8,550. This is an exciting opportunity if you would like to own a Custom Shop-built piece of Fodera history at an incredible price.”

Fodera 37th Anniversary Monarch Deluxe Bass Specs:

Strings:4 or 5
Neck:Hard Maple
Fingerboard:Pau Ferro
String Spacing:19mm for four-string, 17.5mm or 19mm for five-string
Electronics:Fodera/Pope 3-band Preamp

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