John Ferrara and Seth Moutal: Live at The Museum of Modern Renaissance

The duo of bassist John Ferrara and percussionist Seth Moutal recently premiered a new concert film from their January 2019 performance at The Museum of Modern Renaissance. The show was part of their tour behind their debut album, Frail Things in Sharp Places, and its venue was picked to support the music’s dynamic nature.

“From the beauty of the venue, to the energy from the crowd, to the connection on stage and the effort of everyone involved putting the show together, this concert was, without hyperbole, one of the greatest musical experiences of my life,” Ferrara writes. “We worked closely with show producer Alice Feldman and Jetlag Festival, along side The Museum of Modern Renaissance to put on night of music that was not only about the music, not only about the art, not only about the vibe but all of them together to create something very special for our audience and ourselves.”

The incredible 47-minute video is full of amazing energy as Ferrara and Moutal push themselves musically. They’ve also released the music as a standalone album through Bandcamp.

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