Linus Klausenitzer Leaves Obscura, Announces New Band

Linus Klausenitzer

Technical death metal band Obscura will have a nearly brand new lineup after drummer Sebastian Lanser, guitarist Rafael Trujillo, and bassist Linus Klausenitzer left the group. That leaves vocalist/guitarist Steffen Kummerer as the group’s sole member, though a post on the band’s social media accounts states that a new lineup will be revealed soon.

Klausenitzer, who had been in the band longest behind Kummerer, took to Facebook to explain the situation and share some exciting news:

“I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved in the last 9 years in Obscura and I feel very grateful for what I have experienced during this time… So you can imagine that this was not an easy decision for me to take,” he shared. “I haven’t been feeling comfortable with the recent band situation anymore, including musical differences, so I needed a change to reach a next step. Obviously those differences were between the three of us and Steffen. There is still no bad blood but that’s why we ended the collaboration, before too many negative emotions appear.”

After thanking Kummerer and the Obscura crew for the years of good times, the bassist revealed that he, Lanser, and Trujillo have formed a new group called Obsidious. “Beside the fact that Sebastian and Rafael have become close friends of mine we have always worked well on songs together,” he wrote. “We want to continue with the vibe of Obscura songs that we composed completely (except vocals): Clandestine Stars, Diluvium, Mortification Of The Vulgar Sun, Ethereal Skies, An Epilogue To Infinity, etc. We want to bring this style of composing to the next level.” You can hear the first clip of the band’s music by visiting their website and signing up for their mailing list.

Finally, it appears Klausenitzer will be putting out a solo album soon, saying that, “When I started to compose for Obscura’s next album I was trying different musical directions. I just enjoyed the process of it and ended up with 8 songs that want to see the light of day. Except for some songs, that we will use for Obsidious, I will use them for a solo album that I am planning on since quite a while.”

We’ll keep you updated when his new ventures are available. In the meantime, Klausenitzer has released several new instructional videos on his website about bass essentials, composing, and writing metal bass lines. Be sure to check them out if you’re looking to skill up during the quarantine.

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