RPS Introduces the Arcade Machine Synth/Harmonizer Pedal

RPS Effects Arcade Machine Synth/Harmonizer PedalRPS Effects has unveiled the Arcade Machine, a PLL-based analog synthesizer and harmonizer pedal. As you can guess by the title, it gets your instrument to sound like an old school video game soundtrack.

“It re-synthesizes your instrument as a square wave, which in and of itself produces a rich, rounded synth tone,” RPS writes. “But that’s only the beginning… one and two octaves down, one and two octaves up, plus an interval of your choosing are all at your disposal, essentially resulting in a 6-voice synthesizer that you can control with your instrument.”

It also gives all of the intervals of the 12-tone scale with an expression pedal input that can take over the interval selection. RPS also notes a sequencer can be used to run through a series of notes that will follow you playing. Finally, a vibrato function includes both depth and rate controls.

Get a taste of the pedal’s capabilities here:

The RPS Effects Arcade Machine is available directly from the company’s website for $265.

RPS Effects Arcade Machine Synth/Harmonizer Pedal Features:

-2, -1, 0, +1, +2 Octave controls
Interval Selection
Gate, Level, Depth, Rate Controls
Expression Pedal Input
Die-cast aluminum case
Soft-click true bypass on/off switch
9-volt operation and standard DC input

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  1. Kind of kitchy but interesting.