Liam Wilson and Azusa Return with “Loop of Yesterdays”

Azusa: Loop of YesterdaysAzusa has released their second album, Loop of Yesterdays, which follows up on 2018’s Heavy Yoke. The band consists of Dillinger Escape Plan bassist Liam Wilson, Extol’s Christer Espevoll and David Husvik, and Sea + Air vocalist Eleni Zafiriadou. Together, they explore together to create a unique sound. That’s part of the plan, says Wilson.

“I remember voicing my strong opinions about certain artistic or ‘business’ decisions by announcing that, personally, my goal was to create a new subgenre more than fit into one, and that ultimately, I’m trying to create a sound, or the recording I can’t seem to find,” the bassist told Revolver magazine. “Within that, we all have distinct voices, but the sum of the whole is greater than the parts, and when we go back and forth on some idea, some dialogue, the way each person unlocks some idea in another is truly something magical, and we save a lot of space for that unseen fifth member, that ‘spirit’ or ‘muse’ in the room to bring forth something beyond what any of us could ever claim full responsibility for.”

Check out the music video for “Monument”:

Loop of Yesterdays is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Loop of Yesterdays Track List:

  1. Memories of an Old Emotion
  2. One Too Many Times
  3. Detach
  4. Seven Demons Mary
  5. Support Becomes Resistance
  6. Monument
  7. Loop of Yesterdays
  8. Rapture Boy
  9. Skull Chamber
  10. Kill/Destroy
  11. Golden Words
  12. Aching Ritual

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