Gibson Bass Book Second Edition Now Available

Gibson Bass Book 2nd Edition

Author and Gibson bass fanatic Rob van den Broek has just released the second edition of the Gibson Bass Book. The 204-page book builds on the initial release with over eighty-five basses featured with unique photos and descriptions.

“Some newly discovered basses were added, such as the Bunny Brunel Signature Bass and the 1959 Explorer,” he writes of the new edition. “Plus of course the ones the Gibson released after the first edition of the book was printed (in 2016). The Epiphone chapter was extended and there is a spread about Orvilles and Kalamazoo. And there’s even a spread on The Heritage!”

The new Gibson Bass Book comes in a deluxe hardcover version that’s limited to 100 books. Van den Broek has also introduced a stack of 100 postcards featuring 100 different Gibson basses that can be purchased through his website. The second edition of the Gibson Bass Book is available now for $43, while the postcard stack goes for $21.

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  1. Thank you guys for sharing this. I’m afraid this second edition is already sold out, since it was a very limited edition of only 100.
    The good news is; there is a new batch on the way!
    It will be a soft cover version (instead of the hard cover of the limited edition).
    I expect them to be available on june 7th.
    So stay tuned!