Victor Wooten’s 2020 VixCamps Move Online

Victor Wooten

While the current quarantine has forced nearly every event to end, Victor Wooten and his crew have decided to take his camps at Wooten Woods online. Three of the previously announced camps will still take place via Zoom, including the 3-day Music Theory camp, the 20/20: Vision for the Future camp, and the five-day Bass/Nature Camp.

“We are dedicated to providing safe and fun educational experiences for all as we have done for the last twenty years,” Wooten writes. “We pledge to ramp it up even more on our effort to ensure that those who attend will enjoy and receive the much-needed gifts Music, Nature, and VixCamps have to offer.”

Each camp will have daily schedules of online classes with breaks throughout as well as an office hour with Wooten himself or a guest. The Music Theory and Bass/Nature camps are staples of VixCamps, but the 20/20 Vision camp seems especially timely.

“Let’s make 2020 the year of clear vision. How will we deal with life during and after quarantine? What will happen to musicians and live music? Remember: ‘normal’ got us where we are now,” the camp description reads. “How can we make sure to come back better than normal? Let’s explore these questions and find the answers together. Whether you’re a musician or not, we will not only provide you with the techniques to see your future with clarity, you will receive the exact techniques for creating it.”

Registration for each of the camps is open now on the VixCamps website with tuition priced from $300 to $550.

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