John Scofield Celebrates Steve Swallow on “Swallow Tales”

John Scofield: Swallow TalesGuitarist John Scofield has released a new album called Swallow Tales that celebrates the music of bassist Steve Swallow. Lucky for Scofield, Swallow, and drummer Bill Stewart fill out the release. Although the trio recorded the album in just a day, Scofield says it took forty years of preparation. He was just 20 years old when he first met the bassist and they’ve been playing together ever since.

“[Swallow’s songs] make perfect vehicles for improvisation. The changes are always interesting – but not too interesting!” the guitarist explains. “They’re grounded in reality with cadences that make sense. They’re never just intellectual exercises, and they’re so melodic. They’re all songs, rather than ‘pieces.’ They could all be sung.”

Hear the trio perform “Hullo Bolinas,” which Swallow wrote after leaving New York City to live in Northern California when he was a young man. The bassist’s signature warm tone anchors the whole song, coming to the forefront at the 2:19 for a gorgeous solo.

Swallow Tales is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Swallow Tales Track List:

  1. She Was Young
  2. Falling Grace
  3. Portsmouth Figurations
  4. Awful Coffee
  5. Eiderdown
  6. Hullo Bolinas
  7. Away
  8. In F
  9. Radio

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