Marek Bero Releases “Bass Gym 101: Basslines for Beginners”

Bass Gym 101 Basslines for BeginnersMarek Bero has expanded his line of Bass Gym 101 series with a new instructional book. Bass Gym 101 Basslines for Beginners features 101 exercises and lessons that condenses essential bass knowledge while focusing on playing bass lines.

“After 20 years playing of bass, I’ve realized that there are not that many books dedicated solely to basics of bass playing,” Bero explains. “Yes, there are plenty of books for beginners but usually, it’s just downsized material for already experienced players with unnecessary fillers like explanations of music notation, scales, etc. My aim was to be as practical as possible with a focus on explaining thoroughly essential techniques, fretting hand systems & positioning, the role of the bass, tons of practical tips like how to buy a bass, amp & cabinet, instrument setup, fingerboard navigation, how to choose the right strings, how to record the bass, setting up an EQ, motivation for practice, points of focus and hands-on examples.”

The basslines in the book will get you going in most common styles including rock, pop, hip hop, reggae, salsa, blues, funk, ska, and more. There’s even a quick lesson on walking bass.

Bass Gym 101 Basslines for Beginners is available now through Bassline Publishing.

Bass Gym 101 Basslines for Beginners Topics:

  1. Essential basics – description of the instrument, how to hold it, buying your first bass & equipment
  2. Navigating the fingerboard
  3. Tuning the bass
  4. Instrument setup
  5. The function of the bass in music
  6. Rhythm studies
  7. Basic left & right-hand techniques
  8. How to play better – 20 tips from professionals
  9. Basslines – eight notes pulse, basic kick drum patterns, blues, shuffle, rock & metal, drop D, salsa & clave, funk & hip hop, bluegrass & country, reggae, ska & punk, walking bass
  10. How to create a solid bassline
  11. Overview of major & minor chords
  12. How to choose the right amp & cabinet
  13. Complete guide to bass strings selection
  14. How to record the bass
  15. Sources for further studies

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