Derrick Hodge Returns with “Color of Noize”

Derrick Hodge: Color of NoizeTwo-time Grammy-winning bassist Derrick Hodge has returned with his third album as a leader, entitled Color of Noize. While it’s an expansion on Hodge’s unique blend of jazz, hip-hop, and soul, it also has several fresh aspects. He’s put together a new band for the effort, plus he brought on Blue Note president and fellow bassist Don Was as a co-producer.

“Don has this selflessness where he really wants to get to the root of what makes a musician tick and what’s pushing them in the moment,” says Hodge. “It felt invaluable to have someone like that in my corner for a project like this, to help see everything through a different lens.”

“It was powerful to see this group of young, brilliant improvisers set up in a circle at Hollywood’s historic United Studio A,” says Was. “It felt like a throwback to what it might have been like on the floor of a Blue Note session at Rudy Van Gelder’s studio in the mid-sixties. These were ‘old school’ sessions yielding modern music so forward-looking and visionary that there is no existing genre within which to categorize it.”

Hear Hodge talk about the album in this trailer:

Color of Noize is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Color of Noize Track List:

  1. The Cost
  2. Not Right Now
  3. Little Tone Poem
  4. You Could Have Stayed
  5. Color of Noize
  6. 19
  7. Fall
  8. Looking At You
  9. Heartbeats
  10. New Day
  11. You Could Have Stayed (Piano Version)

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