Jimmy Haslip Re-releases Two Solo Albums

Jimmy Haslip: Red Heat and Nightfall

Jazz and fusion master Jimmy Haslip has just reissued two of his solo albums: Red Heat and Nightfall. The albums, released in 2000 and 2011, feature the lefty/upside-down bassist performing on electric bass, acoustic bass, synth bass, and fretless bass in addition to programming. Both also showcase his musical compatriot Joe Vanelli.

Haslip used the recordings as opportunities to pay tribute to his family members. Red Heat is dedicated to his father, while Nightfall is dedicated to his granddaughter. The re-releases help to frame the bassist’s timeline decade by decade. (For some of his 2020 work, check out the new Gergo Borlai album.)

Red Heat (iTunes and Amazon MP3) and Nightfall (iTunes and Amazon MP3) are available now on streaming platforms.

Red Heat Track List:

  1. Los Feliz
  2. Calle Del Sol
  3. The Heat (El Calor)
  4. The Red Sun (El Sol Colorado)
  5. Laguna
  6. Vaya
  7. Novelas
  8. She Never Has a Window (Ella Nunca Tiene Una Ventana)
  9. Fuego
  10. El Morro

Nightfall Track List:

  1. Empath
  2. Xango
  3. Casa De Oro
  4. The Third Man
  5. Nightfall
  6. Palo Alto
  7. Red Coral
  8. Deep Waters
  9. On Sunday

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