Nathan Navarro: Surround Sound Bass

Put on your headphones, or better yet – plug this into your surround sound system.

Nathan Navarro just sent us this video, which features him playing a Wilcox bass with a breakout box that essentially routes each string to its own output. He routes each string to its own amp. As if that’s not trippy enough, he then puts a different effect on each string.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

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  1. Glenn Peacock

    Very cool demonstration. It would be interesting to develop how this could translate into a venue outfitted with an immersive sound system. My company just installed one of the first of these systems in the USA at a church in North Carolina.

  2. Trey Smith

    wow with the effects that is super cool although it would only really be useful on a bassline that did a lot of string skipping like this one pinging back and forth a bunch. Paging Michael Manring…