YYNOT: Hourglass

Tim Starace and YYNOT have a new video out, which they shared on Sunday.

“Hourglass” was the first track on their self-titled debut album.

As always, we love Tim’s growly tone!

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  1. Tom

    I am a fan! While I really like their Rush covers, I believe that the bands own tunes is starting to firm up into something very cool and special. Can’t wait for the virus to recede and these folks can get back to live performances!

  2. Would love to see you guys, but I’m in he UK! Great song, love all the Rush stuff too, keeping those great songs alive!

  3. Mark B

    sounds real good folks

  4. I thank GOD for Tim, he single handely got me back into playing bass again. Geddy was the king, but time marches forward and Tim Starace is filling his shoes very well. IMHO.

  5. Michael

    Love these guys! Clearly they’ve worked their asses off to play this well and that earns my respect immediately. I share their love of Rush as well. I worked at a studio/store in Toronto called Saved By Technology. We worked on every Rush album and tour from the late eighties forward. I’ll tell you that you’ll never meet 3 nicer human beings than Neil, Alex and Geddy. I can’t tell you how many times one of them would call up for tech support on a new piece of gear and the first thing they ask is if now is a convenient time to for me to help them, then the phonecall would end with them thanking me so sincerely. Every interaction with them was always a pleasure. I wish the best to YYNOT. Keep doing what you’re doing, and if you’re fortunate enough to be internationally successful someday, always be respectful of everyone no matter what their station.