Reader Spotlight: Joshua Sailor

Joshua Sailor

Every once in a while, a submission comes through for Reader Spotlight for someone I know. In the case of Joshua Sailor, I know him well. So it is a thrill to share his story with you.

About a month ago, I had a long Zoom meeting with Joshua, who shared with me the story behind all 11 of his basses. He not only had great stories about each of them, but he also played some of the most seriously great music on each.

Now it’s time to share his story…


Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Joshua has had the gumbo from an early age. After moving to the Bay Area in 1999, everything changed. Starting as a drummer, Josh picked up at the bass at 14 and never looked back. Watching his father play night after night sparked a fire in him that still burns to this day! Joshua wears many different hats in the industry, but his love is BASS! Joshua has a constant schedule of sessions, gigs, and is also a Producer and Engineer as well! His playing has a heavy groove with some serious pocket!


Tucson, AZ

Years experience:

15 Years

Why I play the bass:

My father. Watching Him play night after night did something to me. But, the pivotal moment for me was when I 1st heard “Friends And Strangers” by Dave Grusin. Marcus Miller plays fretless on that song and KILLS it!


Bass Mods 4 and 5 String Basses

Various Jazz and Precision Basses

Sterling RAY SB4

I have 11 Basses in total. So far…

My Influences:

My Father, Alex Al, Louis Johnson, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Jamaal Andrews, Nathan East, Sting… Too many to name!!

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

Playing bass upside down. When I first started, lefty instruments were very expensive. I wound up flipping a right-handed bass upside down and that was the start of it all! It was actually very easy for me to play that way!

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  1. Rafael Montalvo Carruthers

    Hi Joshua,
    Great to see a fellow Tucsonan on here! Really nice playing and production samples: excellent taste in music!
    btw: met you on a couple occasions several years ago (when I played with In Tha Zone), but never heard you until now…
    bbttww: Watching your technique is something else; How do you do it?
    I have enough of a problem playing right-hand basses right-handed!

    • Joshua Sailor

      Hi Rafael, I do remember that night!!! It has been a while!!! Thank you for checking out the Article and web links!!! Let’s keep in touch!!

    • Joshua Sailor

      Thank you!! Lots and LOTS of practice! It is actually easier for me to do octaves and thump upside down! Crazy right!?!?!?

  2. John moses

    I had Mr. Sailor as a customer while driving for Lyft. We talked bass all the way to his destination. He’s one cool cat and a good tipper. I’m looking forward to reading his articles.