Sadowsky Announces Vintage Tone Control Retrofit and Onboard Bass Preamp Kits

Sadowsky and Warwick have announced the availability of two onboard components: the Sadowsky Vintage Tone Control (VTC) Retrofit Kit and the Onboard Bass Preamp (4-Knob System). The drop-in units can be used to upgrade an older Sadowsky model or to give “J-Style bass that certain Sadowsky touch.”

Sadowsky Vintage Tone Control Retrofit Kit

The VTC Retrofit Kit includes a tandem potentiometer for treble and bass, a push/pull potentiometer for the passive tone control and all necessary assembly parts. “The VTC control is passive, the maximum setting is a flat EQ. The further you turn the control down, the more the high end in the signal will be attenuated,” Sadowsky writes.

Sadowsky Onboard Bass Preamp

Similarly, their Onboard Bass Preamp kit has everything needed to install their preamp into a J-style bass with a metal control plate. The company says that newer, active J-basses with a side jack and battery compartment will require almost no modification for installation. Passive basses will need to move the output jack to the side of the instrument in order to make room for the battery. The four knobs control Volume, Pickup Blend, and the VTC’s stacked Treble/Bass.

The Sadowsky Vintage Tone Control Retrofit Kit will be available mid-November for $119 while the Onboard Bass Preamp will be shipping mid-October for $199.

Sadowsky Vintage Tone Control Retrofit Kit Features:

Vintage Tone Control (VTC) Tandem Treble/Bass Pot
Push/Pull Potentiometer for Passive Tone Control
All Necessary Assembly Parts Included

Sadowsky Onboard Bass Preamp (4-Knob System) Features:

4-knob layout with controls for Master Volume / Balance / Vintage Tone Control (P/P) / Treble and Bass (stacked)
frequency response 5 Hz - 50 kHz
Bass control: +18 dB boost at 40 Hz; Treble control: +18 dB boost at 4 kHz
total harmonic distorHon (THD) 0.18% at 1 kHz
power supply via one 9V baPery, current draw 9 mA, up to 870 hours baPery life input impedance 1 Mohm, output impedance 1 kohm

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  1. Anthony Craig

    What’s different between this and what they’ve offered for years?

    • Alex

      The specs look the same, but since Sadowsky’s production has been transfered to Warwick, this version is probably made by MEC (= in-house electronics supplier for Warwick). And looks to be a tiny cheaper than the previous US made. Still solderless as well apparently, for a hassle free mounting.
      However, no sign of the Will Lee preamp, which is the same basis but with an additional switch for a instant mid boost. That’s too bad because the Will Lee is really addressing the only “flaw” from this Sado preamp, the inherent mid cut that gives the “sadowsky” tone but does not always work well on all basses …

      • Anthony Craig

        Sadowsky’s production has been taken over by Warwick? Wow. I’m so out of it. Or just the production of their electronics stuffs like this?