Nuclear Power Trio: A Clear and Present Rager

As if 2020 isn’t strange enough, three heads of state have joined forces to melt faces. Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-Un have teamed up as the Nuclear Power Trio, and they’ll have a new album out on Metal Blade Records next month. Today, we’re featuring the title track from A Clear and Present Rager.

Putin, who plays a lot like Nick Schendzielos, drops bombs with a nasty slap bass groove in the midst of a top-secret party. In a press release, Kim weighed in on the band and Putin’s playing in the best way possible.

“We had candid and meaningful talks with Putin on how to unite our three great nations as a means to unite the world. We determined that a band was the correct path of virtue,” stated Kim. “His bass playing reminds me of the way Jordan played ball: delightfully selfish, uncompromising in his greatness.”

A Clear and Present Rager drops on October 30th and is available for preorder.

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