Bass of the Week: LeCompte Electric Bass JSS-4 “Barefoot Cobbler”

LeCompte Electric Bass JSS-4 “Barefoot Cobbler”

Ever since restarting his business a few years ago, it’s been a blast to see Bud LeCompte’s new builds. One of his latest basses is a special JSS-4 he’s keeping for himself.

“[It’s] built from scraps and leftovers as my own personal bass,” the luthier explains. “Affectionately called the ‘Barefoot Cobbler’ bass, because I promised myself I would build a bass just for me and not be like the barefoot cobbler who made shoes for everyone else but had no time to make shoes for himself.”

The sleek instrument is crafted with an alder and maple body that has Macassar ebony and walnut accent stripes. The bass’s front displays a maple theme with a spalted maple top, maple neck, and maple fingerboard that are accented with a tortoise shell pickguard. Its LeCompte Triple Threat Split-Coil pickups are housed under olivewood covers and matched to passive controls.

Although this is his personal instrument, LeCompte operates as a one-man shop and can build a similar bass to order.

LeCompte Electric Bass JSS-4 “Barefoot Cobbler” Specs:

Body:Alder, Maple, Macassar Ebony, Walnut
Top:Spalted Maple
Pickups:LeCompte Triple Threat Split-Coil pickups
Pickup Covers:Olivewood
Pickguard:Tortoise Shell

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  1. Mark Jensen

    I love the simplicity of this J execution, and also the refined striping on the reverse, not to mention the body/neck mating…Bravo!