Butcher Brown Releases “#KingButch”

Butcher Brown: #KingButchRichmond, Virginia’s Butcher Brown has released #KingButch, which marks their eighth release and their first with Concord Records. The 13-song album is a portrait of their ranging influences, blending jazz with hip hop, funk, rap, rock, and soul.

“’#KingButch’ is a representation of the last 3 years, from the hardcore touring to countless nights in the studio,” the band shares. “We’re excited to share our most recent work with all of you around the world.”

From the Neo-soul vibe on “Fonkadelica” to the Bossa Nova-tinged “Gum in My Mouth,” bassist Andrew Randazzo absolutely nails the feel and tone. Be sure to also check out the 44-second intro to “Frontline” where he dishes out some fretless Jaco phrasing.

Get a feel for the album with the tasty groove on “Cabbage (DFC)”:

#KingButch is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

#KingButch Track List:

  1. Fonkadelica
  2. #KingButch
  3. Broad Rock
  4. Cabbage (DFC)
  5. Gum in My Mouth
  6. Frontline (Intro)
  7. Frontline
  8. 1992
  9. Love Rock
  10. Hopscotch
  11. Tidal Wave
  12. For the City (feat. Fly Anakin)
  13. IDK

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