Johnnie Gilmore Returns With “When You Come Home” Solo Bass EP

Johnnie Gilmore: When You Come HomeJohnnie Gilmore has just released a gorgeous new EP called When You Come Home. The five-song album features the bassist in a totally solo setting in which he fills out the melody, harmony, and percussion with just his bass.

“Most of these songs were written before the pandemic and were slated to be the backbone of a full-length album in late fall of 2020, but the moment beckoned: with all the challenges gripping the world and all this free time to make music in quarantine, these five songs simply couldn’t wait,” a press release explains. “The running theme of the EP, seen through several different lenses, is missing the people, places, and experiences in the outside world that have been inaccessible since the virus arrived.”

Gilmore covers a lot of musical ground in just five songs with hints of country, funk, and ballads. No matter the stylistic approach, his amazingly lyrical style gives the feeling of a singer-songwriter, drawing the listener in with beautiful tone and phrasing.

Check out the album opener, “Vineyard Roads,” which evokes the imagery of driving around Martha’s Vineyard:

When You Come Home is available now on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon MP3

When You Come Home Track List:

  1. Vineyard Roads
  2. Wishing Well
  3. Cabin Fever
  4. When You Wish Upon a Star
  5. When You Come Home

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