Johnnie Gilmore: You’ve Got a Friend

Johnnie Gilmore has released a new solo bass rendition of the Carole King classic “You’ve Got a Friend,” and just like all of his videos, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Utilizing a capo and incredible plucking hand technique, Gilmore delivers the song in the rich, intimate sound it deserves.

“This arrangement started out with James Taylor challenging his fans to post covers of ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ to social media to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tapestry,” the bassist explains. “It was a blast to play, the people loved it, and James Taylor and Carole King both shared the original post on their Instagram stories, so I figured it would be fun to flesh it out into a full-length recording. The spirit of love and friendship behind this song has never been more needed in fifty years than it is now—I hope you all dig my take on this timeless classic.”

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  1. Isaac hunter

    Nice sound??

  2. Isaac hunter

    Nice sound??