In Memoriam: Patrick Charton

Patrick Charton

It’s another sad day in the world of bass. French double bass luthier Patrick Charton has passed away after suffering a stroke. He was 66 years old.

Charton’s career spanned over four decades, beginning with his studies in instrument building in 1976. He opened his own workshop in 1982 specializing in building double basses. Through his work, he developed techniques for crafting and setting up instruments that would win him awards in several international competitions.

“I have developed a system for adjusting sound and playing comfort that takes into account the architecture of each instrument (vault/string pressure ratio) and the playing of each musician,” he wrote on his website.

In 2007, he opened a second workshop in Paris where he would draw clients from around the world. Among his creations was the B21 model, featuring a detachable neck for travel.

American luthier David Gage remembered Charton by writing, “He was a great luthier, innovator, and a very fine person, a good friend and comrade. This is a huge loss for our community.”

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Patrick Charton.

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  1. Vinny Sansone

    RIP?? Such a wonderful craft and contribution in making the world a better place.