Groove – Episode #71: Mohini Dey

Mohini Dey

Photo by Fleck Media

It’s hard to not be mesmerized when you watch Mohini Dey play the bass. It’s a lot to take in. From her speed and attack to her grooves and her funk. From her frenzied fingerstyle to her vibrant slapping.

She’s not some player from Detroit – or even anywhere in the U.S., but a twenty-four-year-old electric bass player from India. Someone who comes from a very different culture than anything we’ve experienced in North America.

Mohini blends the myriad of musical roots from her surrounding areas with funk, rock, metal, and soul into something that often gets featured on Davie504’s YouTube channel and elicits his patented “OMG” reaction. And, in fact, “OMG” may be the best way to describe Mohini Dey. She’s worked with A.R. Rahman, Steve Vai, and many others. Her YouTube videos get millions of views, and there’s just something magical about how she dances between holding down the groove to standing center stage and ripping up her fretboard with jaw-dropping fills, chops, and grooves. It’s a sight to behold.

Here is her story. Enjoy the conversation…

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