Dallon Weekes and iDKHOW Release “Razzmatazz”

iDKHOW: RazzmatazzAfter debuting with a six-song EP in 2018, indie-pop band I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (aka iDKHOW) have dropped their anticipated first full-length studio album, Razzmatazz. The band is the brainchild of former Panic at the Disco! bassist Dallon Weekes, whose infectious writing recalls synth-pop of the ’80s (“Leave Me Alone”) and the glam side of Queen (“Nobody Likes the Opening Band”).

“I definitely feel like we want to exist in a modern landscape, but we’re inspired a lot by things we grew up with – things that you love that, whether intentionally or not, I think those things creep their way in,” Weekes told The Brag. “I think our inspiration comes more from the experiences that we had discovering music and artists growing up, not so much from the bands that we love, y’know, because even though things like Sparks and David Bowie, T-Rex, and Oingo Boingo are all influences for us. The aesthetics of how we present this thing come from just what it was like for us growing up in that period discovering new artists, or new for us, I guess.”

The album opens with “Leave Me Alone,” featuring Weekes laying down a hook of a bass line.

Razzmatazz is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Razzmatazz Track List:

  1. Leave Me Alone
  2. Mad IQs
  3. Nobody Likes the Opening Band
  4. New Invention
  5. From The Gallows
  6. Clusterhug
  7. Sugar Pills
  8. Kiss Goodnight
  9. Lights Go Down
  10. Need You Here
  11. Door
  12. Razzmatazz

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