Sharay Reed Releases “Double Cheese”

Sharay Reed: Double CheeseSharay Reed has released his second bass album, entitled Double Cheese. The five-song EP covers a decent amount of stylistic ground while being tied together by the bassist’s unshakable grooves.

Starting with the ’70s soul laden “Nothing To Do”, he quickly jumps into a dance beat on “Get Together” and simmers on a simple quarter note bass line before building up to his signature fills.

“We may not be able to get physical like we used to, but you can’t stop this love, this flow of good energy… and you can’t stop this groove,” Reed writes.

Rather than being a flashy showcase of chops, Double Cheese is a good example of Reed’s focus on the groove and building the song. The most in-your-face bass moment comes on the gnarly “Chicken Dranks and Blow”, where his tone has more bite to give the song teeth. “Dublin” is a beautiful, airy soundscape punctuated by his melodic, palm-muted bass.

Double Cheese is available now on iTunes and streaming platforms.

Double Cheese Track List:

  1. Nothing to Do
  2. Get Together
  3. Come On
  4. Chicken Dranks and Blow
  5. Dublin

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