Alex Lofoco Publishes “Contemporary Electric Bass: Jaco Pastorius”

Contemporary Bass Guitar: Jaco PastoriusAlex Lofoco has added a new volume to his Scale Colour System series of instructional books called Contemporary Bass Guitar: Jaco Pastorius. The book is an in-depth analysis Jaco’s Modern Electric Bass instructional video. Lofoco provides his own revised transcriptions of the examples from the video with detailed explanations and extra exercises to bolster your playing. The author says the original release by Jaco still stands as one of the best sources for learning the bass.

“This work expresses my desire to highlight the universal quality of Jaco’s ‘Modern Electric Bass’ video, and to present its examples with a fresh and complete approach accessible for everyone,” he explains. “Years ago, I translated and dubbed the Italian version of the ‘Modern Electric Bass’ DVD, learning during the process both dialogues and music. I then came to the conclusion that the material presented in the video constitutes the very core of the bass education literature – presenting all aspects of the instrument such as right and left-hand technique, harmony and theory, bass harmonics, improvisation and solo bass.”

Lofoco also incorporates his color-based learning method, the Scale Colour System, as an aid to visualize patterns and “demystify the geometry of the fingerboard.” This applies to the original accompanying book’s scale overview and fingering methods. Lofoco also builds on the original by including tablature for each example.

Contemporary Bass Guitar: Jaco Pastorius is available now for $24 through Lofoco’s website.

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