David Gross Publishes “Ear Training For Bassists, Vol. 1”

Ear Training For Bassists, Vol. 1David Gross of The Bass Guitar Channel has released another instructional book for us low-enders called Ear Training For Bassists, Vol. 1. The 37-page book, which comes in paperback and Kindle versions, is a booster to start hearing and understanding music in real time.

“When we talk about ear training, most people shudder and rename it ear straining. However, it doesn’t have to be that way!” Gross says. “I look at the study of ear training as being the best way to actually hear what you will ultimately will be playing on your instrument. There is an old saying that if you can hear it in your head, you will be able to play it on your instrument. And the way to do that is to know all of your intervallic relationships both ascending and descending.”

The author lays out the relationships starting with all the interval sizes and aural cues to recognize them. He then builds to help you hear two notes at once, triads, and seventh chords. Gross suggests having a piano or keyboard handy for the chord work.

Ear Training For Bassists, Vol. 1 is available now for in paperback or on Kindle.

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