David Gross Releases Warmup Books for Four, Five, and Six-String Basses

David Gross: Four, Five, and Six-String Bass Warm Up Books

Before you jump into your next practice session, you might want to warm up first. That’s the focus of three new books by David Gross, who has written warmup routines for four-string, five-string, and six-string basses. The books aim to have a plan in place to have a “solid and measurable practice.”

This is not a theory book although, there is theory involved! What you have within these pages is a book to familiarize yourself with my practice routine,” the author explains.

Each book focuses on the first five or six frets, where Gross points out there is plenty of ground to cover.

“When you purchase any of these books, you will find a link to my ‘secret weapon’ that I have been using for most of my bass playing life,” he adds. “I started doing this particular exercise when I began my first tour when I was still playing a 4 string bass. This is the perfect 30 minute ‘warmup’ before any gig, however many strings you play.”

The 4 String Bass Warmup, The 5 String Bass Warmup, and The 6 String Bass Warmup are all available in paperback and Kindle editions.

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