Haunted Labs and Dirty Haggard Audio Announce the Hell Horse Pedal

Haunted Labs/Dirty Haggard Audio Hell Horse PedalDirty Haggard Audio has teamed up with Haunted Labs to introduce the Hell Horse, a pedal that combines fuzz and delay to create some unique sounds. The fuzz circuit features a PT2399 integrated chip while the “degraded” delay has an analog-style echo of up to 460 milliseconds.

It also has an EQ circuit with two separate frequency peaks: one in the bass and one in the treble. The Tone knob controls the EQ with boosts and cuts of up to 15dB. A Shift control shifts the EQ peaks that the Tone knob affects. Turning it clockwise shifts the peaks further apart and counter-clockwise brings them closer together.

Other controls include volume, delay mix, delay time, and fuzz. You can hear the pedal on guitar and bass in this clip of “Unexist”:

The Haunted Labs/Dirty Haggard Audio Hell Horse is available now for $220.

Haunted Labs/Dirty Haggard Audio Hell Horse Pedal Features:

Six knobs: Fuzz, Delay Time, Delay Mix, Tone, Shift and Volume
Engineered and manufactured in the USA
Manufactured with the highest quality components
9V standard DC operation (power supply not included) – no battery compartment
True bypass

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