Federico Malaman Releases “Malalicks”

Federico Malaman: MalalicksItalian bass monster Federico Malaman has just released a new instructional book called Malalicks, which is a collection of ten licks to improve your soloing skills. The phrases are open to all instruments and are written in bass and treble clefs as well as for Bb and Eb instruments.

“‘MalaLicks’ is a series of musical phrases all constructed over the same two chords,” according to the book’s description. “In this way, they allow us to deepen the several different ‘Melodic’ variations that can be played over those specific chords. Minor pentatonic scales, modes, chromaticism, and chord tones are the elements used to build up the licks in this book.”

Each of the licks is then presented with three rhythmic variations to bolster your melodic phrasing. The book contains videos and backing tracks for practicing each lick to make it your own.

Malalicks is available now in English and Italian versions.

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  1. MARK B

    COOL !!!


    Malalicks, link for video and mp3 is in Italian only and does not work. I wrote to them about and they said they would send me the correct link, that was 4 months ago haven’t received anything!

  3. Anyone share insights as to the quality and usefulness of Malalicks contents?