Judith Owen with Leland Sklar and Pedro Segundo: Arianne

Leland Sklar shared this video on Facebook, and I was surprised I hadn’t seen it already. This clip is from a November 2020 session at Judith Owen’s house, with Lee on bass and Pedro Segundo on percussion.

The trio performs “Arianne”, with some tasty lines and harmonics by Lee, who really drives the tune.

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  1. MikeyM.

    Such a smooth groove. Just killer!

  2. MARK B


    • Randy

      I agree. Not a medical crisis, but a hostile takeover. Hollywood, unfortunately, doesn’t get it.

  3. Randy

    Leland is a top notch bass player. The real deal. No argument. But I am one who believes that we would all be better off if we kept our politics and our music more separated. Leland should put an American flag on his instrument, not a protest statement.