D’Addario Announces Chromatic Pedal Tuner+

D’Addario Chromatic Pedal Tuner+

D’Addario has introduced a new tuning pedal called the Chromatic Pedal Tuner+. The new utility device is described as having the speed and accuracy of the original pedal tuner with two new onboard features.

“First, it has a high-quality signal buffer to maintain the sound across long cable runs and prevent signal loss through the effect chain,” the company explains. “Second, it includes a programmable countdown timer to keep track of your set of session time. A multiple purpose pedalboard too, the Pedal Tuner+ keeps you and your playing in tune and on time.”

Other features include a 32-bit processor, a full-color vertical display, and a calibration range of 415-475 Hz.

The D’Addario Chromatic Pedal Tuner+ is available now for $119.99.

D’Addario Chromatic Pedal Tuner+ Features:

Onboard Signal Buffer32-Bit Processor for Fast Response and Accurate Tuning
Countdown Stage TimerFull-Color Vertical Display
Power Requirements: 9V Battery or 9VDC (300mA) Power Supply
Reference Pitch: A4 = 440 Hz / Calibration Range: 415 - 475 Hz

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