Nervosa Solidifies New Quartet Lineup with “Perpetual Chaos”

Nervosa: Perpetual ChaosBrazilian thrash metal band Nervosa has returned with a new album called Perpetual Chaos. The group’s fourth full-length album marks the first with a new four-piece lineup. Last year the band was a trio that split up, leaving guitarist Prika Amaral to recruit vocalist Diva Satanica, drummer Eleni Nota, and Mia Wallace, who had recently left the ranks of Abbath.

“I changed my style a little, but not much,” the bassist told Metal Pilgrim on working in the new setting. “You can hear a little black metal. I’m not saying it’s my contribution, but altogether we came out with different styles. The process was very natural because everyone was putting in their own style.”

Hear Wallace laying it down in the band’s new sound on “Under Ruins”:

CD, vinyl and as a digital download (Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon MP3).

Perpetual Chaos Track List:

  1. Venomous
  2. Guided By Evil
  3. People of the Abyss
  4. Perpetual Chaos
  5. Until the Very End (feat. Guilherme Miranda)
  6. Genocidal Command (feat. Schmier)
  7. Kings of Domination
  8. Time to Fight
  9. Godless Prisoner
  10. Blood Eagle
  11. Rebel Soul (feat. Erik “AK” Knutson)
  12. Pursued by Judgement
  13. Under Ruins

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