Talking Technique: Triads Versus Four-Note Chords

Triads versus four-note chords – which are harder?

Your gut reaction to that question may be that four-note-chords are harder. After all, it means there are four notes to figure out rather than three.

Okay, so from a theory standpoint, if you are still learning your theory, then maybe. And if you just play root-third-fifth, sure. However, once you are playing those triads over an octave (where it gets musically very interesting), we are talking technique. And that’s when those string crossings come in that mean triads are way harder than four-note chords.

Check it out, why it’s useful and how it sounds! Download the PDF for this lesson and follow along with the video.

Austrian-gone-Californian Ariane Cap is a bassist, educator, blogger and author. In her book Music Theory for the Bass Player and corresponding 20-week online course, she teaches music theory, bass technique, bass line creation and fretboard fitness in a systematic, practical and experiential way. She just released a brand new course on ear training for the bass player: Ear Confidence - 6 Paths to Fearless Ears. Contact her via her blog or website.

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