Line 6 Announces POD Go Wireless

Line 6 POD Go Wireless

Line 6 has debuted the POD Go Wireless, an amp and effects processor that builds on the existing POD Go unit with a built-in Relay wireless receiver. The company also includes a Relay G10TII transmitter for guitarists and bassists to play wirelessly right out of the box.

“Just like the standard POD Go processor, POD Go Wireless boasts a musician-friendly user interface and professional-quality amplifier, cabinet, and effect models drawn from the acclaimed HX family of processors,” Line 6 writes.

Users can select and tweak amp and effects simulators, editing and controlling the sounds through the unit’s color LCD screen, seven push encoders, eight sturdy footswitches, colored LED rings, and a rugged cast-aluminum multi-function expression pedal. It also has two external footswitches and a second expression pedal input allow for more real-time control.

“POD Go Wireless features best-in-class amp, cab, and effect models including an array of legendary British and American amps, as well as supporting third-party impulse response (IR) loading,” the company says. “Presets include nine simultaneous blocks, and external pedals may be inserted anywhere in the signal path via the effects loop.”

Other features include balanced stereo outputs, an amp output, an effects loop, a headphone output, and a USB interface with re-amping capabilities.

The Pod Go Wireless will ship this spring for $579.99.

Line 6 Pod Go Wireless Features:

Over 270 Helix and legacy amp, stomp box, and cabinet sims
Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Included
Transmitter Charges and Stores in Floorboard
USB Audio Interface
Effects Loops
Supports 3rd Party Cabinet Impulse Responses
Headphone Output
Tap Tempo/Tuner Switch
Expression Pedal and External Expression Input

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