Scott Mulvahill Explores Textures on “Surrounded” EP

Scott Mulvahill: SurroundedBassist and singer-songwriter Scott Mulvahill has just released a new EP called Surrounded that presents his style in a new context. He still builds his melodies around his beautiful bass lines, but this time around he’s filling out the harmony with woodwinds and strings instead of a traditional band format. The orchestration helps to add even more depth and emotion to his thoughtful lyrics.

“This EP is an experiment – I wanted to combine my writing and playing style with textures that I had never even come close to exploring,” Mulvahill explains. “The sounds of woodwinds and strings and blending voices, not just as wallpaper behind me but orchestrated in a way that was alive and interactive with the songs. I wanted to make something really unique, and hopefully beautiful, and I think we did.”

Check out the gorgeous opening track, “One Way Road”:

Mulvahill’s new EP is available now on digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3). He’s also releasing a new vinyl record with Surrounded on one side and his Creative Potential EP on the other, which is open to pre-orders through his website.

Surrounded Track List:

  1. One Way Road
  2. I Don’t Need Her Love
  3. No One Anyway
  4. Say I Love You
  5. Up Above My Head (feat. Resound)
  6. The Here and the Now

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