Slap Dragon: Already Won

Scott Mulvahill is one of my favorite upright bass players, so I was all in when he announced he had a new group called Slap Dragon. However, Mulvahill went in the opposite direction for the project and picked up a U-Bass to dish out some acoustic funk.

The rest of Slap Dragon consists of vocalist Larua Berens, drummer Petar Janjic, mandolinist Oliver Craven, and guitarist Kent Crawley. Their first song, “Already Won,” is an earworm with a feel-good beat. Mulvahill stays in the pocket with a solid, simple groove that will get your head bobbing.

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  1. Davi

    The term ‘Funk “has been highly overused and misunderstood and real Funk”unappreciated
    This sounds like another Treble band
    I’ve been to so-called Funk festivals. That featured old disco and R&B groups.
    Now jazz festivals feature rock bands and R&B groups headlining even some country artists
    Music venues have gone this hell in a handbasket
    Can’t afford to go to a jazz festival when the headlining group is the stones cuz who can afford the tickets