Spector Launches Line of Bass Strings

Spector Bass Strings

Spector has announced a new line of electric bass strings for four-, five-, and six-string basses. Designed with La Bella Strings, the new sets are round-wound with nickel plating for a design that the company says works for any bass, though they were designed specifically to complement Spector basses.

“Spector’s small-batch approach to crafting professional-grade instruments has carried over to this line of custom-wound strings,” the company writes. “Spector and La Bella have developed a custom formula that achieves a balance between longevity, feel, and the impressive attack and sustain that Spector is known for. These nickel-plated round-wound strings are the perfect complement to Spector’s iconic instruments and are used exclusively on all USA Series basses made in Woodstock, NY.”

The Spector Bass Strings are shipping now with prices of $24.99, $34.99, and $39.99.

Spector Bass Strings Features:

4-, 5-, 6-string Sets
Nickel-Plated Round Wound
Long Scale
Hand wound in New York by La Bella Strings
Used on Spector USA series basses

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