Bandcamp Friday: Support No Treble

Groove - The No Treble Podcast (May 2021)

Today is “Bandcamp Friday” – a day when the excellent people at Bandcamp waive their fees for artists and podcasters.

No Treble’s podcast, Groove, is proudly served on Bandcamp. We now have 77 episodes in the library, and that number will continue to grow each month.

No Treble is largely reader-supported, which helps us keep the content coming, the servers running, and cover all the other expenses. Bandcamp provides readers with the opportunity to purchase single episodes of Groove (“name your price”) or subscribe. Subscribing gets you full access to all of the past and new episodes, as well as the perk of getting each month’s episode before everyone else.

Of course, we also have our No Treble swag, including apparel, stickers, or our new coasters.

Be sure to support your favorite artists today on Bandcamp. It’s a great day to do that. And if you decide something we offer is of interest, we thank you for your support.

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