Flower Pedals Introduces the Castilleja Phaser Pedal

Flower Pedals Castilleja Phaser PedalFlower Pedals has released the Castilleja Phaser pedal. The four-stage analog optical phaser has digital controls for the best of both worlds. It has two different voicings: one similar to a Phase 90 and one similar to a Univibe.

The Castilleja has four knobs and three switches for dialing in the sound. The knobs control the phaser’s intensity, level, speed, and the LFO Waveform. The switches toggle the voicing, the feedback level, and the ramping mode.

“The Castilleja features 3 different speed ramping modes in addition to tap tempo with 4 different subdivisions,” Flower Pedals explains. “The first mode is Momentary ramping, in which you hold the Tap/Ramp footswitch to ramp to a secondary speed, then release to ramp back to the main speed. The second mode is Latch ramping, where you just tap the Tap/Ramp footswitch to ramp to a secondary speed. Tap again to ramp back to the first speed. Last, but not least, is the Drift mode. This mode takes your base speed and then modulates that speed up and down to a different LFO.”

An expression pedal/tap tempo jack lets you plug in external controllers.

The Flower Pedals Castilleja Phaser is available now for $249.

Flower Pedals Castilleja Phaser Pedal Features:

Intensity, Level, Speed, LFO Waveform Knobs
Feedback, Ramping Mode Switches
Two Voicings: Phase 90 and Univibe
Exp/Tap Jack
Power: 9V center negative, with less than 100 mA.

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