Wonder Women: Mohini Dey

Welcome to No Treble’s new monthly feature, Wonder Women: Stories from the Women Who Play Bass.

We’re kicking off the series featuring the inspiring and fiery young powerhouse bassist, Mohini Dey.

Brittany Frompovich is a highly regarded educator, clinician, blogger, and bassist who currently resides in the Washington DC/NOVA region. For more content from Brittany, check out her blog, her YouTube channel, and her Bandcamp site. She also offers handmade unisex music-themed jewelry through her Etsy store. Get a Wonder Woman Tee!

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  1. Rob Waxman

    Watching now. Two great bass players. Brittany is the perfect person to interview Mohini.

  2. Darryl

    Mohini is a monster player, she is like KOTM Godzilla

  3. Paul C.

    Excellent new feature!!
    Please, try to interview Tal Wilkefeld.

  4. Al Powell

    Thank You..Enjoyed Mohini interview (SuperBigFan) Very informative..And Love Brittany ‘s Shirt I was at Ryan’s Book Signing in Narberth PA (Also a Super Big Fan!!) Bought 2 Books ..Cheers Wonder Women