Tomáš Kedzior, Ester Švábková, & Veronika Coganová: Alvarado

Our friend David Alfred sent in this great video of Czech bassist Tomáš Kedzior’s song “Alvarado,” which features the percussionist Ester Švábková and clarinetist Veronika Coganová. Starting with solo bass, the song continues to evolve and add instruments as it becomes fleshed out.

Kedzior shared the background of the song with Alfred:

“‘Alvarado’ is an exotic word – much like my latest song. It’s easy to make a song with just a bass guitar and a cajón, however, our amazing percussionist Ester suggested that we use other rhythm instruments (even went as far as to include the drums), which is what made the track really come to life. I can’t help but admire the passion with which she combined “traditional” instruments and Eastern/Southern European ones. Ever since the beginning, I knew that Alvarado needed something to really spice up the middle part of the song, something to rile you up after the intro. My initial (and rather exotic) thought was to use the clarinet, and the thought just wouldn’t leave my mind. After speaking to Veronica and hearing her solo part, I was delighted and very excited to hear how it’s all going to turn out. The track was performed and recorded live in one take, and so was the video – it’s authentic and uncut, with the charming atmosphere of the Avian studio completing the scene. Alvarado is a distant land in Southern America, as well as the surname of Colombian beauties… and now, it’s also an unusual synthesis of three beautiful instruments and the energy which made this track come to life.”

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