Klemens Cathcart and Alex Tabero: Gosh

We love it when No Treble readers send us videos. We also love the work of Bobby Vega. So this one was twice as exciting.

Klemens Cathcart sent us this video of him and Alex Tabero performing Vega’s “Gosh”.

“During the myriad of lockdowns we’ve experienced during these last two years my rhythm-section partner-in-crime Alex Tabero (Wales) and myself (New Zealand) kept ourselves busy by doing some long-distance collabs,” Klemens shared. “One of which was this arrangement of the classic Bobby Vega jam ‘Gosh’. Alex and I played together for 6 months/6nights a week in Doha, Qatar in 2019 and sometimes jammed this as a warmup. Lockdown was a good excuse to try and get a ‘take’. I laid down the bass track and sent it to Wales where Alex laid down Drums and gave it his unique style of video edit. And check out the ‘kick-drum’!”

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