Kernom Launches the Ridge Augmented Analog Drive Pedal

Kernom Ridge Augmented Analog Drive Pedal

Kernom has unveiled a new pedal called Ridge, which they call the “first augmented analog overdrive pedal.” The circuitry includes their new Analog Morphing Core that is a new approach to clipping circuits.

“An Analog Morphing Core equipped device, like the RIDGE, controls the nonlinear elements of the clipping stage (traditionally diodes) by changing in real time their threshold, making them behave like a new kind of diode,” Kernom writes. “It allows musicians to have access to a virtually infinite number of clipping options: symmetric, asymmetric, high headroom, very compressed, etc. in a single analog circuit, controlled by the unique Mood knob. Completely different from approaches such as modeling and switches between different diodes.”

Its dynamic EQ section has Pre Tone and Post Tone knobs that adjust your sound before or after the clipping stage. A Mid knob helps to dial in your sound in the mix. Other features include an expression pedal input, MIDI capabilities, a 30-volt output voltage from a standard 9-volt input, and True Bypass with relay.

The Kernom Ridge is open to preorders through Kickstarter for $200. The future retail price will be $299.

Kernom Ridge Augmented Analog Drive Pedal Features:

Analog Morphing Core controlled by Mood knob
Pre Tone
Post Tone
Mid Knob
True Bypass with Relay
Expression Pedal Input
1 Onboard Preset
128 Presets via MIDI
MIDI I/O with full control over all parameters
30V output from 9V input
5mm Aluminum Casing

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