Groove – Episode #84: John Myung

John Myung

Photo credit: Dream Theater

One of the bass players that I really wanted to speak with when we first decided to launch Groove – The No Treble Podcast over seven years ago was Dream Theater’s John Myung. When I first heard the advance cassette of Images and Words back in 1992, I was blown away by his ability to hold the complex groove of this progressive metal group along with his ability to turn riffs and melodies into a lead sound, while matching the musical prowess of his bandmates.

Those who are Dream Theater fans (like me) know this: It’s hard to know who to watch when you see Dream Theater live. Each member is a beast in their own right. John, primarily, speaks through his playing.

Interviews with him are few and far between, and he is known as being quiet, introspective, reflective… and a person of few words.

John uses many different techniques to play (three-finger attacks to slapping and popping and beyond) and has proven over himself on over fifteen studio albums with close to fifteen million albums sold that sit next to three Grammy Nominations and countless accolades for his bass excellence. Most recently, the band issued a new album, A View From The Top of the World, with a pending tour for the new year.

Enjoy the conversation…

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