MonoNeon Drives the Groove on “Scary Goldings IV”

Scary Goldings: IVWe’ve been enjoying the studio videos from Scary Goldings featuring organ master Larry Goldings for the past few months, and now the full album is available. Scary Goldings IV is a collection of ever-funky grooves with the keyboard maestro and an unreal band including Scary Pockets founders Ryan Lerman and Jack Conte as well as guitar icon John Scofield, modern drum sensations Louis Cole, Lemar Carter, and Tamir Barzilay.

Working the low end is none other than bass titan MonoNeon, whose unique style and attentiveness help add a special dimension to the record. Goldings and Scofield have worked together in the past, but neither had met with the bassist.

“We obviously have our influences that come in,” Goldings says, “partly because of the instrumentation, we might go in a direction that’s a bit Meters or Booker T, stuff like that. But with MonoNeon, anything we came up with was going to sound great. He’s a man of few words — he’s there to absorb and respond. You know he’s heard everything and is ready for anything. So bold, just going for shit.”

MonoNeon sits right in the pocket for much of the album but takes a more front-seat approach on “Bruise Cruise” by throwing in pitch-shifted runs that will twist your ear. Watch the band’s reaction to his signature fills in the studio video:

Scary Goldings IV is available now digitally (iTunes, Amazon MP3) while a vinyl version is coming soon.

Scary Goldings IV Track List:

  1. Disco Pills
  2. Cornish Hen (ft. John Scofield)
  3. Bruise Cruise (ft. John Scofield)
  4. Lurch
  5. Professor Vicarious (ft. John Scofield)
  6. Pony Up
  7. The Shiner (ft. John Scofield)
  8. Meter’s Running (ft. John Scofield)
  9. Hi Ho Silverstein
  10. Tacobell’s Canon (ft. John Scofield

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  1. smegmatism

    I put this album on and the Mrs. immediately asked “what IS that?” A good sign.

  2. Mikey M.

    MonoNeon has a killer style and throughing in that digitech whammy just makes him that much cooler!