Rodenberg Amplification Introduces the KILLMISTER Automatic Kill Switch Pedal

Rodenberg Amplification KILLMISTER Automatic Kill Switch PedalRodenberg Amplification has unveiled a handy new pedal called the KILLMISTER. Named in homage to bass icon Lemmy, the device is an automatic kill switch that lets you cut your signal with eight settings.

Level 1 works as manual operation, simply killing your signal. The other seven levels are cutoff times ranging from 100ms to 400ms. Holding down the footswitch offers an “automatic machine gun fire” effect.

“It’s not just about a simple, crazy effect pedal, the KILLMISTER can also be integrated into the entire song,” Rodenberg says. “Stuttering rhythm sounds and screeching solos with an automatic kill effect are no longer a problem. That is not a tremolo effect, but a real kill break against ground. The KILLMISTER can be placed anywhere in the signal chain before the amp as a hard kill, or into the fx loop as a hard kill with reduced switching noise.”

The compact pedal also has a red status LED light to visually display the kill cycle. The Rodenberg Amplification KILLMISTER is handmade in Germany. It’s available now for $90.

Rodenberg Amplification KILLMISTER Automatic Kill Switch Pedal Features:

Kill Switch
Eight Cutoff Times for Stutter Effect: Manual, 400ms, 350ms, 300ms, 250ms, 200ms, 150ms, 100ms
100% mechanical, switches internally to ground using a special relay
True Bypass
Handmade in Germany
Power supply via 9-18 V power supply unit (not included, no battery operation)
Current draw: 9-18V / 30 mA
Dimensions (L / D / H): 1.5 x 3.6 x 1.3 (inches)
Weight: 0.33 lbs

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  1. Paul

    I’d buy it. Rage fans should flock to this.