Pete O’Neill: Charles Berthoud’s “Cello Strings” Tab and Tapping Tutorial

Pete O’Neill recently covered “Cello Strings on a Bass Sound Unbelievable“, a song by Charles Berthoud.

After posting this, Pete received a lot of requests for the tab and a tutorial.

“When I first saw Charles play this piece, I was blown away, and I knew that I had to learn it,” Pete shared. “After sharing my version online, I actually got a lot of requests both for the tab and for a tutorial… so I reached out to Charles to get his permission, and amazingly he gave me his blessing! Although the tab is included in the video, I didn’t make it into a PDF (in case Charles wants to sell his own version in the future), so instead I made a PDF of some examples of Charles’s Tapping Techniques which I explain in the video as well.”

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