Khruangbin and Leon Bridges Team Again for “Texas Moon”

Khruangbin and Leon Bridges: Texas MoonSome collaborations seem to be a forced effort, but the pairing of the instrumental trio Khruangbin with vocalist Leon Bridges fits like a glove. Their first project together was 2020’s Texas Sun, and they’ve just followed it up with a second EP called Texas Moon. Rightfully, the new five-song collection is more laid back. Bridges calls it “more introspective” while Khruangbin bassist Laura Lee says it “feels more night time.”

Lee says the collaboration is more than just putting two groups together; it’s created something brand new. In an interview with Billboard she said the addition of Bridges creates yet another texture to their already genre-bending style. “We do get lots of genre names put on us,” she explains. “But I don’t think we’ve ever been called R&B, so to have Leon’s vocals, it gives us this nice, new layer. And it makes it even more Texas.”

Lee’s old school tone and simply grooving bass lines continue to anchor the music’s direction. Check out the video for “B-Side”:

Texas Moon is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Texas Moon Track List:

  1. Doris
  2. B-Side
  3. Chocolate Hills
  4. Father Father
  5. Mariella

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